Use Roboto 2014 not Roboto.

We’ve selected a type family that gives Nick Pozek a friendly, warm, and real voice: Roboto.

  •  Roboto is our primary typeface used in all communication materials
  • Use type size and weight to establish a clear hierarchy of information
  • Don’t substitute any other typeface unless you’re using Franklin Gothic for corporate communication
  • Printed items being distributed, use Roboto
  • In case your computer does not have Roboto please use Franklin Gothic for internal presentations

Roboto 2014

The dot on the ‘?’ (question-mark) is circular or oval.
The diagonal strokes of the upper-case ‘K’ meet in a ‘T’.
The leg of the upper-case ‘R’ is straight.
The dot on the lower-case ‘i’ or ‘j’ is circular or oval.
Straight The stem of the ‘7’ is straight.



Dos and Don’ts of typeface usage:

  • Do use a combination of uppercase and lowercase
  • Do use only approved colors
  • Do use only the approved Nick Pozek typefaces
  • Do align text in body copy flush left and ragged right
  • Do avoid using all uppercase
  • Don’t place type in a hard-to-read format
  • Don’t use special effects to emphasize type
  • Don’t change kerning when setting headlines or copy
  • Don’t distort the typefaces
  • Don’t substitute other typefaces unless you’re using Franklin Gothic font for corporate communication