On December 10, 2019, Nick Pozek spoke on the competencies that leaders will need to thrive in the 21st century at the National Performance Network annual conference in a session titled 21st Century Leadership: Rethinking Strategy, Vision, Influence, and Power.

You can find the description for Nick’s talk that was published by the Network below:

In an increasingly complex, interdependent, and accelerating world, the cultural sector needs leaders that are not only attuned to the profound shifts that are underway but who also have the vision and resilience to harness these forces to advance their organization’s mission.  This session will explore the emerging competencies that are necessary for 21st-century leaders: embracing disruption, navigating decentralized networks, cultivating influence, empowering others, fostering movements, and forging connectedness. Practical strategies, tools, and frameworks introduced in this session will equip participants to strengthen their own leadership capabilities and support the leadership growth of those around them.