Strategic Planning

Effective strategic planning ensures your organization’s relevance, reduce uncertainty, and helps to manage change. The process of developing your strategic plan, collecting stakeholder input, envisioning your organization’s future, and developing a roadmap to ongoing vibrancy, is often as significant as the resulting document.

We use the following three-phase approach to help your organization navigate the strategic planning process:


The foundation of your strategic plan is an analysis of your organization’s history, scanning of the current environment, and predictions for the future.


By imagining your organization’s future state, you understand it’s place in the world and how you will have responded and attempted to emerging challenges and opportunities.


The plan solidifies your vision for your organization, and the world it occupies, into a concrete set of next steps.

Facilitated Strategy Sessions

Are you not quite ready to develop a full strategic plan, or do you want to update a plan that’s already in motion? Nick facilities half-day and full-day strategy sessions for leadership teams to quickly and effectively develop a strategy and reignite their work.


Next steps

Do you want to learn more about strategy, or are you ready to embark on the strategic planning process? Contact Nick to discuss some ways he can help your organization.